About music

Music is perhaps the most involved of the arts. It has a composer, arranger, conductor, performer, audience and critic. A single individual can function in more than one of these positions.

Music works because it has to. Music works because of physics, although you don’t need to know that.

Gravity works. You don’t need to understand it to keep from flying off into space and you can’t ‘repeal’ the law of gravity. Music works in a similar way. Sound is based on physics and music works with those laws to create sounds that are harmonious and melodic.

There are 3 basic elements of music: Melody (which is how we usually identify and recognize music), Harmony (which is the governing language), and Rhythm (which is the flow [and also a great word for playing word games]).

People have often told me that they have no musical ‘talent’. Everyone has musical potential. Learning to play an instrument (or just compose for others) can start as either a left or right brain function. Understanding how music actually works, even if you have no ‘natural feeling’ for it, will stimulate the right brain. It has been shown to improve cognitive ability in young and old alike. Many studies have shown that it can improve the thinking and cognitive abilities of elderly people, even delaying ‘senility’ and Alzheimer’s.

Tradition music education teaches students to perform on an instrument. More music teachers are encouraging students to ‘compose’ or ‘improvise’. Many potential students are convinced that they don’t have the natural ability to be able to do that, but everyone that know the alphabet from ‘a’ to ‘g’ and can count by 2’s can play an instrument, compose music and improvise. Even if they have no ‘musical talent’ in their family.

Take some lessons and find out.

We have new days available with morning, afternoon and evening times to fit your schedule. It doesn’t take a huge commitment, just a desire or curiosity and a willingness to put a little time into it.

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