We also rent guitars, drums and keyboards as well as speakers, amplifiers and microphones for your upcoming gigs or performances.


Explore our flexible instrument rental program, designed to help students progress in music:

• No obligation to buy; and the full option to return at any time
• Brand name instruments in new or like new condition
• 85% of rental payments apply towards instrument purchase
• Early purchase option may be exercised at any time
• Instruments are covered by a Limited Damage Waiver and a Limited Fire and Burglary Waiver with NO deductible and at no charge
• Service other than damage, necessitated by normal use, is FREE while on rental
• Includes membership in the NEMC Superclub and Student Artist Diploma
• When renting ‘less than full sized’ string instruments, exchange to a larger size of comparable make, quality and kind is allowed anytime during or after the rental term
• A professional mouthpiece is included in the rental fee with every wind instrument
• Easy access to our experienced band and orchestra teachers for music lessons
• Rent in store or click here to order online: Rent Online

Call for more information or to request an ‘Instrument Overview’ appointment for your student to review instrument options!  952-474-3277